Our History

On Pentecost Sunday of 1984, Charles B. “Chuck” White announced from the pulpit at Saint Luke’s Church that he was looking for another job to supplement his income from his part time work in Ministry for the Diocese of Norwich. William McMillen offered Chuck a partnership in starting a company to do printing for WordCom, a direct mail company. At first, WordCom was the principal customer, but then the company began to grow as it acquired several new, diverse accounts. Bill McMillen passed away a few years later, and his wife Karen later became a partner. Chuck and his wife Carol became the owners. After a period of financial hardship, the company finally began to flourish through the efforts of Dick D’Avanzo, a friend of Chuck’s who generously offered his business expertise, loyalty, and prayerful support. In the mid 90’s, the Ellington Printery purchased MedPrint, a company that specializes in providing customized forms for the medical field. This acquisition proved to be a wise business decision that has provided both diversification and stability for the business. The work of Keith Poirier, MedPrint’s sales manager at the time, also greatly facilitated this time of growth. It was also within that era that Element’s Design Studio was purchased. With this as a resource, the Ellington Printery was able to diversify to more fully serve its customers.

Ellington is a classic New England Farm town. As you enter the town from any direction, you’ll drive by breathtaking views of cornfields, dairy cows, apple orchards, and sheep pastures. The center of town features a picturesque array of historic buildings, quaint gazebos, and scenic walkways… including one path that leads directly to the replica 1800’s home of the Ellington Printery. It was originally located at 31 Main Street and then at 33 Main Street, between Arbor Park and the Ellington Fire Department. The town eventually purchased the property upon which both buildings are situated and, in 2001, it was necessary for the business to relocate. The timing was perfect, as a new facility with expanded capacity was much needed. The Ellington Printery is presently located at 77 Meadow Brook Road in a spacious building surrounded by the tranquil scenery of Ellington’s beautiful farmland. Less than one mile away is the Circa 1878 Ellington farmhouse where the company founder Chuck White and his wife Carol raised 11 children!

Chuck White died suddenly and unexpectedly on November 27, 2002. His daughter Claudia joined his son and long-time employee Carleton to keep the business thriving under his wife Carol’s ownership. The Ellington Printery is now certified as a Minority Business Enterprise. At present, the management consists of Carol White, Owner; Claudia White, Business Manager; Carleton White, Graphic Design and Prepress Manager; Debbie Hatch, Senior Customer Service Representative; Sandra Rittweger, Billing Manager, Robert Weber, Press and Production Foreman; and Stephen Kelly, Bindery and Shipping Foreman.

With its loyal staff and outstanding facility, the Ellington Printery has an ongoing commitment to growth, service, and discovering new ways to accommodate the needs of its customers. As new print technology is introduced, equipment is regularly updated to keep up with current trends. Most importantly, the Ellington Printery is dedicated to establishing and building mutually beneficial relationships with its customers and suppliers.