Graphic Design & Prepress

In today’s complex printing environment, putting the ink on the paper is often the easiest phase. The preparation that is necessary before a job goes to press can be an arduous task. However, Ellington Printery’s graphic design and pre-press department is well equipped to facilitate this process.

The graphic design department at The Ellington Printery offers a wide variety of services, from typesetting minor revisions for a simple business card to preparing multi-faceted full color presentations with intensive layout work. We also work with many of our clients to establish or enhance a “corporate identity” by developing stylized logos and implementing attractive design elements. Let us create a look for your business that is consistent, professional, credible, and memorable. We are willing to take your ideas from concept to creation, and we will produce quality printed materials with the image and message that best suits your needs.

We operate on both Macintosh and PC platforms, and we have the capability to accept and produce most all forms of electronic files that are standard in the printing. We pre-flight all jobs and can make any necessary revisions to your artwork or text. We utilize advanced digital output technology for both proofing and production, and we make sure that your job prints accurately according to your specifications.