Miracle Mats has used the services of Ellington Printery since Chuck White opened its doors 28 years ago.  It is gratifying to see how you have grown and succeeded while continuing the high standards so rarely found in today’s competitive climate.

I truly appreciate the countless times you have “gone the extra mile” to accommodate last minute changes, pressure deadlines and the myriad challenges that accompany the production of our placemats.

The cheerful atmosphere of your workplace, the quality of your graphic design and the perfection of the finished product make it a pleasure to do business with you.  Thank you and may God continue to bless you all!

Janet Duley
Miracle Mats

The bottom line is that it’s nice to know that I can always count on a high quality product in a timely manner from you. I really do appreciate it.

Jeremy Trainor
Carrollton Properties

Thanks for all your help and patience on our recent print projects.  Your professionalism and flexibility is appreciated by our entire staff.  Printing is a business that is often “hampered” by our clients, and yet, you are always willing to accommodate their (and our) needs!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ruth Radin
Graphic Designer
The Ad Agency

I am writing to thank you for your efficiency and understanding when my fiancé came to you with our order for wedding programs.  We were in such a panic, but what you normally take seven to ten days to do, you did for us in three.  Then, when we thought the programs were all done, we found an error we missed after they were printed up.  We thought we would die.  Now we would have to pay more money to have them redone.  Then we didn’t know if we could do it because we only had two days before the wedding!  When you said you would redo then all free of charge, we were so thankful.  We had spent so much money already trying to plan the perfect day.

In planning our wedding we had great difficulties with some of the other businesses we used, but Ellington Printery was so good to us at a time when we were already stressed to the max.  We thank you so much for your kindness, professionalism, and most of all for caring.  My husband and I would gladly recommend your services to anyone, and we will always do our business with Ellington Printery.

Mr. & Mrs. Tim LaCoss

I just want to let you know how pleased I am with the PPG Pittsburgh Paints stickers you made for me.  They are great quality, you gave me a fair price and it was a quick turn-around.  I will recommend your services to anyone.  And my customer was very pleased too.  Your process is easy and painless and that’s what I love!  Thank you!

Ashley Aarons
Area Manager
PPG Pittsburgh Paints

I cannot thank you enough... I was thinking of [your father] the other day. He touched my life with his Generosity and you are carrying on the tradition.

Tracy Rosiene
Graphic Artist
Norwich Bulletin

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team very much.  I know you all worked hard in getting our brochures completed before our meeting.  It looks wonderful!!!  I know my boss shares in my gratitude.  When I brought them back to the office on Friday evening he absolutely loved them and thought they came out great!  I know we will have no reservations in handing these out to existing and future clientele due to the high quality and professional appearance.  Thanks again, Ellington Printery!

Elena Barkasy
Northeast Brokerage, Inc.

I seriously don’t believe that I’ve ever met anybody with a positive vibe as pure as you have. Every time I talk to you, you always help restore my faith.

Jeremy Trainor
Grayhawk Media

Little did I know on our first meeting how fortunate the Vernon Area Community Health Center was going to be.  You have filled a great need for us.  Your unselfish generosity in providing brochures for the community at large will now provide information for many folks who otherwise would not seek out the health care they need and deserve.  The brochure itself is a work of art and we are proud to have it available for our new Outreach program.

A. Hamlet Montero
Executive Director
Vernon Area Community Health Center

I wanted to write you to let you know what HIT your beautiful playbills were!  Everyone was so impressed.  The superintendent approached me personally to say how great they were.  You really outdid yourself.  And the trim cut you did was perfect.  Everyone was telling me that they had never seen such a large and perfectly crafted playbill.  Hats off to you!  Thanks so much for driving all the way to Durham too, that was very very kind of you.

Rhonda Stevens
John Lyman Parent Association

It’s for reasons like [your email letter] that I refer you to others. Besides being a wonderful guy, you care about others... and it shows. When my kids brag about something they did, I tell them, “You will be remembered for the things you do for others, not the things you do for yourself.”  And it’s obvious you follow this philosophy.  Spread good kharma and it does come back full circle. Thanks.

R. Dana Van Steenburgh
L. Bissell & Son, Inc.

I can’t imagine it going any better with anyone else; we’re so happy with your work.  God is good.

Renata Bowers
Author of the Frieda B. children’s books

My absolute honest response is “WOW.”  Man, you’re great. With all my heart, that’s the most creative and relevant card rendering I have ever seen.  Honest!  I really appreciate you getting into the project so quickly.  I hope building it was half as much fun as seeing it.  I believe a team of artists couldn’t have nailed it like you did.  And the first time too!  There is absolutely nothing I would want to change.  I appreciate the modest pricing, you have a good heart.

Ron Anderson

Thank you so much for all you and Ellington Printery have done to make our book a reality.  It’s great to know there are people with your commitment and generosity in this world.

Joan Gleckler
Indian Valley YMCA

You guys are truly the best!  I have done business with you for years and it is always a great experience.  I am so thankful for good, honest companies like yours.

Tiffany Ilioff
Regional Manager
Starkey HearCare

Just a note to say thank you for printing the Creative Arts Journals for our latchkey program.  The time, energy, and printing expenses you so generously donated are so greatly appreciated.  The children are so excited about seeing their work in print.  Thank you so much for your continued support of the Indian Valley YMCA.  Your generosity will certainly be remembered.

Gina Campellone
School Age Child Care Coordinator
Indian Valley YMCA

Many thanks to you and your staff for all the work you’ve done for us this past year. Your extra effort in producing the building project brochure on such a short notice was much appreciated.  Your staff, on a critically tight timeline, produced an impressive product of which you all should be proud.  The final product looked great and we received many compliments!  We even had a request from a “west of the river” town to use it as a model for their upcoming building project.

Nancy Daley
Administrative Assistant
Ellington Public Schools

Thank you so much with your assistance and guidance in preparing the terrific brochure for our church.  I have had many compliments and comments on it.  You were so creative and talented with just the plain photographs that I gave you to work with.  You made my task simple and I greatly appreciate it.  With the time restrictions that I had, you could have insisted this be this way or that way and I would not have made my deadline.  Thanks again!

Debbie L. Bomely
Ellington Congregational Church

Fantastic job.  The copies were perfect and the service better than fast, more like supersonic.  Please know that we greatly appreciate the help you and your team give us.  The newsletter looks great.   Keep up the GREAT work!!!  Many thanks, to you and your entire group of “Magicians.”  We were blessed to find you and the Printery.  Your work was “A” number one, and it was also a delight to work with you.  I know I speak for the rest of the board when I say, please accept all our thanks for your outstanding effort to help us all these years.  I truly hope our paths cross again.

Ray Kelly
Mercedes-Benz Club of America, Inc. Connecticut/Westchester Section

The ad looks GREAT!  Whoever designed the show logo deserves a “Hooray!”  There are some bigger shows – presumably with bigger budgets – whose logos don’t look half as good!

Jeff Rudloff
Marketing Advisor
Five Publishing

I have always appreciated the efforts your dad and you made to provide quality service to Interval House.  You and the staff are so easy to work with and so very helpful.

Elizabeth “Libby” Beyrer
Interval House

Thanks for everything, and if I ever need anything printed – you would be the one I’d call!  I’ve been passing your name around to those of my friends who need things published on a regular basis.

Shannon A. Leach

Awesome.  Exceptional customer service.

Kathy Dyer
Campbell-Keune Realty

I like doing business with you.  You are one of the easiest clients.  I get all of your work ready to go and in perfect order.

Mitzi Koninis
Konica-Minolta Printing Services

I will be sure to spread the word [about Ellington Printery].  For all the years that I have worked with you and your family, it has always been a pleasure!  Glad to know that there are people like you still out there!

Paige Anderson
Connecticut Homestead Realty, LLC

You all have done a wonderful job on printing and binding these books.  I don’t know any other printer who would go to such lengths figuring out how to put together this little book.

Gary LaCoste

Please know that we are very grateful for your courtesy pricing and donations against our orders.   For years, Ellington Printery has been like family to HHF and we are grateful for all your hard work and dedication to our outreach!  Thank YOU!

Kevin Fry
Haitian Health Foundation

The door hangers are great!  I have come to know that when one deals with Ellington Printery, he is the recipient of value far beyond the obligations stipulated in the verbal contract.  My thanks for a superb job.

Leo Miller
Town of Ellington

I wanted to thank you for doing all that you did to get this print job done yesterday.  They look really great!  Thank you for your outstanding quality work, your help in getting this done quickly and partnership with the school!

Dan Snellenberger
Cornerstone Christian School
Manchester, CT

I wanted to thank you again for the incredible job you did with my A Gentle Whisper books. Everyone has said how exquisite the artwork is (and I use that opportunity to tell them about you and your printery). You completely captured what I wanted and the quality of your work is just outstanding.  I appreciate all you did very much.

Doris Mantz

I wanted to take a second to say thank you for coming through on the mailer for us yesterday.  I was shocked when the delivery came in the same day, you guys really went above and beyond for us and we are so appreciative.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you guys over the years and we look forward to more in the future.  Thank you again!

Tiffany Cote
Hear Again Centers

I’ve been meaning to email you since I picked up the postcards on Friday.  They are FANTASTIC!  Thank you for helping to make this as painless a process as possible.

Durham Farmers’ Market

The Programs & Response Sheets arrived today and they look beautiful!  Thanks so much for your help with our dinner.  We are blessed by and appreciate you and the stewardship of quality that is a product of your business.

Liz Babbitt
Administrative Assistant
Joni and Friends New England
Joni and Friends International Disability Center

I just wanted to extend our thanks for another wonderful job done.  Even though we gave you less than a ten day turn around, the budget booklets were completed perfectly and delivered as scheduled. Thank you again for your professionalism.

Audrey Geer
Assistant Director of Finance
Town of Orange

We really appreciate all of your work for us. I saw everything that was printed for the packets and it’s all done beautifully.  Everything was very well received so thank you very very much!  You’ve made this process very pleasant.

Manchester Church of Christ

I just wanted to thank you again for another beautiful job.  Also, I appreciate your efficiency in printing the budgets and annual reports for the Town of Orange ahead of schedule.  The dedication in the 2012 Annual Report was beautiful and we are getting so many compliments on it.  Again, we appreciate your professionalism and we can always count on you to get the job done right.

Audrey Geer
Assistant Director of Finance
Town of Orange

I haven’t had a chance to let you know how grateful I am that you were able to take care of our needs last Thursday with the program changes. Thanks again for being there when we really needed you.

Guy Lindsay
Lindsay Total Graphics

I wanted to thank you for doing a wonderful job on the Library’s newsletter.  It looks wonderful!
It was very nice to work with you, and we appreciate the fast service.

Karen Perna
Head of Circulation & Technology
Rockville Public Library

I wanted to say thank you for the Godspell programs.  They look fantastic!
Thank you for always being so flexible and helping us each year with our programs.

Joe Oblon
Meriden Youth Theatre
Stage Manager

It is we who must thank you for working with us.  We gave you such short notice but you did an exemplary job, as always.  The design and quality of the cards is first-rate.  Thank you so much for all of your help!

Ernie Golnik
Sacred Heart Parish
Vernon, CT

We’re thankful for how easy it is to work with you and the great products you give us at prices we can afford.

Janet Laroche, Executive Assistant & Marketing Coordinator
Hilltown Community Health Centers, Inc.

I wanted to reach out to you today thank you for doing the usual great job in printing our Rockville Public Library Newsletter.  I appreciate the quality and attention to detail you give to this project, and it comes out looking good as always!

Karen Perna
Head of Circulation & Technology
Rockville Public Library

I wanted to thank you for your very prompt service in getting the newsletters completed in record time!  I was very pleasantly surprised to see that they were done, and to see your driver coming to the library to drop them off for us.  This will definitely keep us on the right track to get them out in time!  Thanks again for your continued great service.

Karen Perna
Rockville Public Library

I want to thank you for your quick response to our needs for those brochures. The quality was top notch (as your work has been consistently)!  Looking forward to working with you in the future.

John Lally
Today I Matter

I wanted to make sure that you knew that I really loved how the SPCC new business cards came out.  Everyone at the SPCC LOVES them too!  I really appreciate all the time and effort it took for you to do this for us.  It’s a blessing to continue to do business with you and Ellington Printery!  Thank you.

Vivien Lindwall
Springfield Pregnancy Care Center

I have seen meaning to let you know how absolutely perfect the new signs are!  We have received so many compliments from our customers!  And the picture of the EZ card was an excellent touch!
They are fun and informative.  So thank you very much!

Eileen Martin
Swiss Cleaners

I was in such a hurry to get out of your hair that I forgot to rave about the quality of your latest print job.  Great vibrant colors, crisp details, and beautifully mounted on foam board.  I really appreciate the great, prompt, professional work that you do, even on little projects like mine.  Thanks again!

Matt Donie
Digital Artist

We just wanted to thank you for printing the 2019-2020 budget booklets so quickly and delivering them to us a week early.  We can always count on you for getting all of our printing needs correct and on a timely basis.  

Audrey Geer
Assistant Director of Finance
Town of Orange